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Copyright Statement

Copyright Statement

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In order to protect the intellectual property rights of electronic resources, to maintain the reputation of Wenzhou University and to guarantee the legal rights of all authorized users as well, the library appeals to all the organizations and individuals to pay attention to and comply with the regulations on intellectual property rights of electronic resources.

1. Any downloading of the library-subscribed electronic resources by any web download tool is prohibited.

2. Any continuously, systematically over downloading of full-text documents from library-subscribed databases is prohibited.(The library cannot formulate unified standard because the database vendors does not agree on the definition of "abuse". The database vendors usually define action of downloading documents beyond normal reading speed as abuse. It usually takes at least a few minutes to read a document by normal speed.)

3. Any reselling, providing or redistributing of electronic literatures or personal network account to non-WZU users is prohibited.

4. Any downloading or use of library-subscribed electronic resources through unauthorized proxy server is prohibited.