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About Us

Wenzhou University Library consists of two branch libraries: Yuying Library in the South Campus, the Library in North Campus, with a total area of 46560 square meters. Particularly the Yuying Library in the South Campus is completed with a total investment of 88 million Yuan and accounts for a land area of 66700 square meters and building area of 37510 square meters, standing solemnly and magnificently with complete functions and facilities.

On November 9, 2006, we shifted the inscription by Professor Su Buqing, the honorary President of Wenzhou University and famous mathematician upon the completion of former Wenzhou University Library in 1992 onto the huge rock in front of the library, adding more historical and cultural excellence to the library. Located in the center of the higher education zone, Yuying Library extends its influence to all the higher education institutions and surrounding communities and lays a solid foundation for the establishment of an integral resource-sharing platform for all libraries in the higher education zone. It is not only a literature resource base in the conventional sense but also an open super large literature information center in a wider sense.

Today, quietly situated along ChabaiRiver bank and at the foot of DaluoshanMountain, Yuying Library has been built into the largest library in southern Zhejiang and eastern Fujianregion and a new academic landmark within Wenzhou higher education zone. Hidden in the tranquility, covered by trees, and surrounded by fragrant flowers and lavish grass, its beautiful campus and highly attractive sceneries have attracted countless citizens and tourists.