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Administration Office      

Responsible for the library operation and coordination with party and administrative work; help the library managers with preparation of rules, regulations and files; prepare statistical reports and statements; responsible for liaison inside and outside the library; responsible for staffs’ attendance management, library’s financial budgeting, assets management, and building maintenance.      



Resource Development Department      

Establish constructive and high-quality document keeping system; establish appropriate document, information and resource procurement plan to complete resources according to teaching and scientific research literature information requirements; scientific document classification to ensure accuracy and completeness of the bibliographic data; improve the establishment of bibliographic database; binding, acceptance, and storage of Chinese and foreign language database, donated Chinese and foreign language books, and acceptance of photocopied books; procurement, acceptance of Chinese and foreign language database, and development of featured database.      



Technical Service      

Responsible for the construction, management and maintenance of library network, storage and server groups to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the library LAN; responsible for the development, deployment, management and maintenance of all kinds of system platforms in the library; responsible for the design and making of library web portals as well as the content upgrading, publication and maintenance; responsible for the development, management and application of electronic reading room and new-media spatial system; responsible for the computer-operated College English curriculum and experiment required by the university.      


Information Service      

Library reference inquiry and service; training on staff’s and postgraduate students’ scientific research quality-based education; disciplinary and research service and evaluation; interlibrary borrowing and literature delivery service; library’s digital resource evaluation; library and information science exploration and research.      



Reader Service      

Strengthen the communication with readers; collection, classification and comment of reader’s opinions; responsible for the advertising, promotion and display of resources and services; trainings for the readers; scheduling and management of Luoshan Lecture Hall; self-study zone and locker management; Lecture Hall and conference room management; library learning environment arrangement; student activities arrangement and management in the library; filming and editing of library events.      



Literature Service      

Literature borrowing/returning and reading management; literature classification, rejection, and separate-store management of the library collections; statistical analysis on the literature used by the readers, and literature advertising and promotion; answer reader’s information inquiries and use of the library collections; exchange information of problems encountered by readers during their use; and follow up on the recommendations and suggestions on the construction of library collections.      



Literature Service      

The Library in North Campus,Literature borrowing/returning